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2020 Diary Printing Companies In Johannesburg

2020 DIARY PRINTING COMPANIES IN SOUTH AFRICAAs the biggest dairy printing companies in Johannesburg, Printing Jet has got also well-trained experts and professionals with eagerness to help you wherever you have any issues and moreover, all the diaries which are available in our stock have cheap prices which are affordable thus meeting your needs for all your expectations.

It also depends on you for the total number of insert tip in pages of all your diaries which includes your company information for instance visions, missions, Branches, company images, addresses as well as telephone numbers. Printing Jet’s diaries include personalised covers and diaries ribbons.

Printing Jet is a dairy company of creativity and innovation aims to develop new ideas, new diary services. We have a capability of creating diaries which are useful, correct, appropriate and valuable. Printing Jet is a unique diary companies which has its own unique quality, like improved delivery services we give with pride, a new means of producing existing diaries or a new way of getting our products to the customers. Among all dairy companies in South Africa, we are the only printing company which can be trusted. Trust can be described as the catalyst for every business. Here at Printing Jet, We do serve so many companies by establishing new services that provide diaries for our customers in various industry.


Cheap & Fast

Printing Jet is a bulk cheap printing company in South Africa. The reason why we are cheap is that we have all the required resources in-house and we give away our services in bulk, We have a delivery policy of 2 days and it does not matter how small or big your order.

Good Quality

Printing Jet is a big printing company with good quality printing machines and that's what makes us extremely different from other printing companies in South Africa. Even when you are paying a lot of money you know for sure that you are paying for the best results.

Reiable & Trusted

We are so reliable, confident and trusted offering a 100 % refund guarantee so that if we don't meet your expectations or we do not meet your deadline, mark this you get your money back. That's not all, we also have a fast response to your problems.


Passion is our drive force at Printing Jet. All of our staffs from Employer to Employees are pushed with eagerness to help their clients with all their Printing needs. We can also advise our customers on the services we don't even specialize at our company because its all done with love and burning desire.


We are responsive when speaking to our clients and we are clear when we explain our processes. Printing Jet staffs are friendly due to the fact that all of them are well-trained employees who know how frustrating it is to have no one who can give you the assistance you deserve especially in a time of need.

Customers a priority

Printing Jet without you customers its no longer a company. Customers at Printing are their valuable asset and we do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy. We also help scores of small businesses which resell our products.
As a Cheap printing companies in Johannesburg with diaries which costs only R28 each. Any schools and churches which are in need of both A5 diaries, B5 diaries, you have come to the right place and at the right time.

Get your customized branded diaries today with no delay with Printing Jet only R 53 each. Printing Jet has been working with schools and churches for over 10 years. We offer all the sizes of diaries types as a one popular 2020 diary printing companies in Johannesburg, A4 s-curve diaries, and our quality will balance cost which is ideal for your church or school's challenging budget. It is a professional diary printing companies which give it's diaries away at no cost.


.Straight Stitched diaries
.Square Stitched diaries South Africa
. Two-Tone personalized diaries Johannesburg
.Slim Line diaries
.Ring Bound or wire-bound with logo foiled in Gold or Silver.

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