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We have learned a great many interesting things about our customers.

We learned if we follow the problem through --that nearly always we arrive eventually at a more or less satisfactory solution. Since we have to overcome one obstacle after another, we also learn quite a lot about ourselves --how any normal person can use his intelligence to do something which perhaps looks almost impossible especially in the printing industry.

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Our printing company is a family enterprise. To make a living here we must all work together. That's why you each have your chores, your own part to do. Its the only way we can be sure of fulfilling the sake of humanity. Thus shared work and family responsibilities automatically become an important part of every business.

Ut ultricies imperdiet sodales.

For most everything we have done we had to invent ways of doing it ourselves as we come to the problem. The results we have convince us that ''one of the biggest wastes in the world is the unexploited potentials of average human beings''.Almost all of us , are perfectly capable of doing many more things, entirely on our own ,than we ever imagine or attempt..

Be Your Own Boss.

Another thing that kept us is personal liberty ---just being our boss. Naturally, we can't ignore nature's warning when she says ''if you don't plant those potatoes today, you are liable to go hungry next winter ---But up here we are as free as anyone can be in this world. We always lay our own plans and carry them out as best we can..

We Are Where We Are Due To Faith.

About things working out in the end, it amounts to faith --the idea that if a person keeps trying the best he can, he will come out all right. We do not expect to achieve all the different things we want all at once. We know it will take a lot of time and effort, and for many things, we have to wait and wait and wait. We are still waiting for quite a few, working towards them as best we know-how. We have never failed to attain a major objective. There are many things ahead of us that will keep us working and striving --that will keep our interest in undiminished.

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